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Pinned topic INTERACT_PARTY column

‏2013-10-11T08:29:38Z | mdm-migration schema


The INTERACTION table in the MDM database can hold interactions at the party level or at the contract level. We are trying to work out if there is an easy way to link a given instance of interaction to both a party and a policy.


There is a column called INTERACT_PARTY in this table. Does anyone know what this column actually represents? We could store interactions at the policy level, and then fill in the INTERACT_PARTY column with the CONT_ID of the party - and that would satisfy our requirements.


The question is: is this column a foreign key to the CONTACT table? The data model doesn't indicate so - INTERACT_PARTY is a VARCHAR whereas CONT_ID is BIGINT. If it's not the same as CONT_ID, what is it?


Thanks in advance.