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Pinned topic DS5020 Add Storage Subsystem Error

‏2014-03-04T23:16:16Z |

The two controllers (A & B) residing in a DS5020 is being treated as different storage subsystem when attempting to Add Storage Subsystem in the latest version of DS Storage Manager. Here's the error:

You have entered two controllers that belong to two different storage subsystems. You must enter both controllers on the same storage subsystem.

The two controllers are inside the same enclosure within the same subnet. We're able to add one controller at a time (as a separate storage subsystem) into DS Storage Manager. There's no error in RevoveryGuru. We've verified both controllers belong to the same storage subsystem but we're seeing two different Storage Array Identifiers (SA Identifier) in controller properties.

What we want to accomplish is to manage both controllers as a single storage subsystem in DS Storage Manager.