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Pinned topic (!) AIX and POWER/KVM ?

‏2014-08-01T19:52:44Z | aix poxerkvm

As the distributions of Power/Linux supporting power8 and power/vm use paravirtualization, they run  unchanged on power/kvm that implements on power(8) the PAPR virtualization interface (IBM statement), so it means AIX using virutal resources only could  also run on Power/KVM  (if we forget the cheks that maybe are in AIX for the moment to disable this).




  • walesaf
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    Re: (!) AIX and POWER/KVM ?


    Do you mean to ask whether AIX runs as a guest OS on Power/KVM stack ? If so, the answer is no. AIX is not a supported guest in Power/KVM stack.

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    Re: (!) AIX and POWER/KVM ?


    There's also the fact that KVM is only available on the "Linux-only" servers today. So you can't really even try it. :)