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Pinned topic Upgrading SAfMP from SLES 11 32Bit to SLES 12 64Bit

‏2018-12-21T10:13:53Z | 11 12 32bit 4.1.0 64bit safmp sles


we are not able to upgrade our xDR proxy Linux guests from SLES 11 32Bit to SLES 12 64Bit.
Our current configuration is:
SLES 11 32 Bit with SAfMP

and we need to upgrade to:

SLES 12 64 Bit with SAfMP

according to the SAMP documentation we upgraded Linux to SLES12 but we were not able to upgrade from SAfMP 32Bit to SAfMP to 64Bit as we understand the documentation.

what we have done was cloning our active system and saving the SAM policy and upgrading to SLES12. In the installSAM.x.log we have found following messages

installSAM: Installation of one or more packages failed. See details below:
installSAM: Installation failed with return-code: 4 : ./Linux/s390x/src.msg.de_DE- ./Linux/s390x/src.msg.de_DE.ISO-8859-1- ./Linux/s390x/src.msg.de_DE@euro- ./Linux/s390x/src.msg.de_DE.UTF-8-
error: Failed dependencies:
        src >= is needed by src.msg.de_DE-
        src >= is needed by src.msg.de_DE.ISO-8859-1-
        src >= is needed by src.msg.de_DE@euro-
        src >= is needed by src.msg.de_DE.UTF-8-

the whole installSAM.1.log is attached

after that, we deleted SAfMP components and installed 64Bit but we were not able to activate the license (see logfile installSAM.11.log) - "no valid license was found"

we would like to know what's the right procedure for upgrading.

Thank you