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Other than the manual at, what other administrator guides exist for RAA. Specifically, at this point I'm looking to answer the following questions, but there maywell be others:-

1. Detailed steps how z/os application sources can be added to the inventory without using the remote scan functionality. What I am looking to do is take the output from Telon ADPACOPY step and load all the sources from a local repository.

2. As the intent is to deploy a shared client/server environment for use by multiple application teams I can't see how to separate the application inventories so that only certain people see/analyze certain applications. From looking at a video on YouTube it appears not as the screenshot I saw showed a number of applications visible. ( 3min 48s in).






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    Re: RAA Administrator Guide


    1) The RAA infoCenter documentation outlines in 'Scanning without the web browser on z/OS" the process of queuing (DMH0700) and running (DMH6000) files to be deleted, added or changed in RAA's metadata repository.

    2) RAA has no facility to limit its UI views by user.