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Pinned topic Cannot load csv file into cube using IT

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Hi,   I just started to learn Cognos TM1 couples days now.  I m having problems loading CVS file into cube by using IT. CSV file said " Sample1.csv may contain features that are not compatible with CSV. 

 TM1 warning said "you have specified a text data source that may not be accessible to the TM1 server.  In order to ensure access by the server, the data source name must be written using the universal naming convention.  To generate a UNC name, please locate the data source under "Network Neighborhood: Iam not sure why. 

Please help.  THanks!!!


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    Re: Cannot load csv file into cube using IT


    When you are writing the TI, you are on your PC. When the TI is running, it is running on the TM1 server, which can't see your C drive (for instance). Make sure the file is located where both you and the server can access it, then use the UNC name (\\server\share\sample1.csv).