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Pinned topic DS3524 Logical Drive Not On Preferred Path

‏2013-06-09T22:54:11Z |

My DS3524 is showing "Logical Drive Not On Preferred Path" for several logical drives. Just curious why this happens and how to resolve? Both controllers show online and ok.

  • Berniebgbb
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    Re: DS3524 Logical Drive Not On Preferred Path


    These issues are generally caused by incorrect configuration with respect multi-pathing. (or hardware issues).

    Each LUN has a specific controller it is allocated to, when a Host access's the LUN down the "non preferred" controller these issues will arise.

    So look to see which LUN's are effected, check which hosts access those specific LUN's and review your multi-pathing configuration.

    If that all looks OK then you can start to look at possibly dodgy cable / switch / SFP... and so on...

    This post may help with more detail --> see my post bottom of page.

  • tuscani
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    Re: DS3524 Logical Drive Not On Preferred Path


    Thanks for the reply.. I am wondering if this was self-inflicted.. let me explain.

    We added a new VMware host.. the host has a dual port HBA.

    Port 1 WWN ends in aa > Switch 1
    Port 2 WWN ends in ab > Switch 2

    However, the fiber cable was crossed to where Port 1 went to Switch 2 and Port 2 went to Switch 1. Because of this, and the fact we had to migrate some data over the weekend, we only zoned Port 2 to Switch 1, no zoning on Switch 2. Once data migration was done we swapped cables and rezoned everything on both switches. Would that cause the preferred path issue?

    Assuminng I verify all my cabling and hardware is OK can I just manually switch the path back to controller A for these particular logical drives?




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