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Pinned topic RDz Client V9.0 and Host 8.0.3 Compatibility

‏2013-06-25T11:00:16Z | compatibility error host

We are having issues when trying to run the RDz Client v9.0 with our current Host setup. Our RDz Host is still on version 8.0.3, and we are unable to switch over to 9.0 until a piece of work scheduled for 21/07 is carried out. However, we were under the impression that the IBM policy was to be backward (or forward) compatible up to a 2 version gap. If this is the case, we had hoped a combination of Host 8.0.3 and Client 9.0 would be compatible. 

Is anyone able to confirm this, to help us rule this out as a possible cause of the issues we are encountering? Users still running Client 8.5.1 are working fine with Host 8.0.3.

Errors include RSEG1057 - Host DEVA not found or not responding. Our Host details have not changed, and we are connecting very intermittently.