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Pinned topic Load assets using Open IGC REST Apis

‏2017-05-02T13:18:32Z | igc open

We created come custom bundles in IGC and when we try to load assets we get the following error:

      "code": "CDIGC1041E",
      "message": "Class with code \"$BusinessApplication-BusinessApplication\" does not exist. Asset ID=\"a1\".",
      "explanation": "Class codes must conform to the REST codes for classes, for the given REST version.",
      "userResponse": "Make corrections to the XML or the code that produces it, and then try again." }


We've used the DataMass as an example.


The XML we are trying to load is


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>



<assetclass="$BusinessApplication-BusinessApplication"ID="a1"repr="Application Suite">

<attributename="name"value="Application Suite"/>






The asset descriptor has a class called BusinessApplication


Did anyone encounter this error and what was the solution to correct it.?

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