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I have a requirement where in i have a text box, if we enter 2 and click ok it show show 2 tabs and if we enter 10 its should show 10 tabs.

How can i achieve this using dojo?

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    Re: Adding tabs dynamically


    First, can you verify that you're using IBM Web Experience Factory (which this forum is for) and the WEF Dojo Tab Builder  to develop this web application or portlet ?

    If not, then a Dojo forum may be more helpful for your use case.

    If you are using WEF, then the answer may be different depending on whether you know what the 10 tabs are (and can define them in the Dojo Tab Builder) ahead of time (and optionally hide them via Visibility Setter builder or similar) at runtime or if you don't know what they are until some other action triggers an operation that does a backend lookup.  The latter case may need to involve writing Javascript against the Dojo Tab API (see for more info) to dynamically add tabs that weren't in the HTML when the page was rendered.


    I hope that info helps,
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