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Pinned topic Discovery using Lenovo USB3.0 to Ethernet adapter

‏2014-03-11T15:35:43Z | csod discovery dongle handling hardware

TPMfOSd (build 160.03)

I am trying to discover a Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop. Since it does not have an onboard ethernet adapter, I am using a Lenovo USB3.0-to-Ethernet adapter (dongle). The result is the CSOD. The Lenovo USB2.0 device worked fine.

I can change the "handling of unknown hosts" to use Kernel-free mode (Task Template \ Idle layout \ Idle state) but I would prefer to add a new Hardware handling rule that will only apply to this specific device.

I have added hardware handling rules targeting the Vendor ID, Device ID of the USB dongle, as well as targeting the model name (the X1). I have been successful doing this with different models that have onboard network adapters, for other reasons in the past. This is the first PCI device I have targeted (I realize it is plugged into the USB port but I'm stuck here nonetheless).

Is there a solution? Much appreciated.