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Pinned topic cannot list vmwares when multiple virtual switchs are defined

‏2013-08-29T10:59:15Z |

My virtual center has two virtual switch defined (network 9.* and 10.*)

I have a fabric and consumer node running on 10.* but I can detect only vmwares on 9.* (fabric does not even connect to itself)


I saw this in log file:

2013-08-29 12:19:15.943+02:00 Thread Service Plt.  : SDPAdapterTask processActiveVMsRequest      Sending message - active vms [swattamit[], TEM82[], SCCD_TEM[], TEM82_relay[], EBC_GW[temserver2:, temserver2:], TEM 9.0 Console[], TEMSUA[]]

I enclose:

- virtual switch config screen capt

- SC AI config page

- SC AI log


Any suggestion ?


Enrico Vannini

(I am running the latest code level 1.2)