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Pinned topic Error Remote X-Manager and KVM

‏2013-05-11T02:44:34Z | aix and kvm


Hi guys,
I have a problem at KVM and remote X-manager.
I have 2 server IBM with OS AIX 6.1,
If I login user root at KVM and remote X-manager 
Server 1 and Server 2,
there is a difference..
see attach me,
Have a Idea guys..
best regard


  • GarlandJoseph
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    Re: Error Remote X-Manager and KVM


    This is not so much an issue of "they look different'.  Anytime you log into a different account, be it on the same machine or different machines, the look is controlled by the user settings for that account.  

    In this case, there is an issue with the server1 Image in 2.jpg. I has an issue with tooltalk, follow the direction is that screen to resolve that issue. I usually get this issue when I change the hostname or rename files or ownership in that accounts $HOME directory; however, that screen shows an exhaustive list of things for you to check.