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Pinned topic ERROR - Importing the install verificati​on project into the workspace.

‏2013-05-18T01:37:10Z | error mdm-migration verfication

I ran into this error during importing verifiction project in installing DMD 10.0 server.

and verification project/folder is empty after importing. It is supposed to have the verfication project be installed after successfully importing.

Please help how to resolve this error.

Here is the log file in importing with this error:


1. Import Installation Verification Project
User Input Values :
Application server : WebSphere Application Server 7.0
Profile name : was70profile1
   Additional Details : 
  Bootstrap port : 2809
  Node name : B5C260A41F649Node01
  Cell name : B5C260A41F649Node01Cell
  WebSphere home : C:/programs/ibm/SDP/runtimes/base_v7
  Server Name : server1
Application distribution file : C:/software/MDMV10/MDM1000_WAS_Linux.tar.gz
   Additional Details : 
  Host machine name : b5c260a41f649
  Temporary output folder : C:/DOCUME~1/zkzodru/LOCALS~1/Temp/DEST/ear/MDM.ear
  Deployment name : MDMServer
  Unpack distribution file to : C:/DOCUME~1/zkzodru/LOCALS~1/Temp/DEST/unpack
Import Installation Verification Project
Start operation importInstallVerificationTask --------------------- Fri May 17 21:28:26 EDT 2013
Buildfile: C:\projects\mdm10\.metadata\.plugins\\build_external.xml
[importInstallVerificationTask] C:\projects\mdm10\.metadata\.plugins\
[importInstallVerificationTask] Config path -> C:\projects\mdm10\.metadata\.plugins\\
[importInstallVerificationTask] ERROR     - Importing the install verification project into the workspace.
[importInstallVerificationTask] DEBUG     - DistributionUnzipLocation = C:/DOCUME~1/zkzodru/LOCALS~1/Temp/DEST/unpack
[importInstallVerificationTask] DEBUG     - IVTProjectName = InstallVerification
[importInstallVerificationTask] DEBUG     - Looking for C:/DOCUME~1/zkzodru/LOCALS~1/Temp/DEST/unpack\MDM\IVT
[importInstallVerificationTask] DEBUG     - import database files into project
[importInstallVerificationTask] DEBUG     - Getting workspace
[importInstallVerificationTask] DEBUG     - workspaceLocation = C:\projects\mdm10
[importInstallVerificationTask] DEBUG     - Getting project
[importInstallVerificationTask] DEBUG     - Creating project
[importInstallVerificationTask] DEBUG     - Done
[importInstallVerificationTask] INFO      - The install verification project imported successfully.
Total time: 2 seconds
End operation importInstallVerificationTask --------------------- Fri May 17 21:28:28 EDT 2013
Total time taken : 2 seconds
The log can be found at : C:\projects\mdm10\.metadata\.plugins\