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As well as the log files directory PIM also seems to produce logs off Communications errors in the format orbtrc.*.txt in the bin/go library.

Eg on my VM orbtrc.14022012.1338.18.txt in /opt/IBM/MDMPIM/bin/go

Can these files be moved elsewhere? Ideally somewhere under the logs folder.

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    Re: orbtrc files


    These are not PIM files; the product running by itself does not produce them. It is likely that you have a JVM monitoring tool deployed and that is causing these; for example please review the following article:

    The reason they are being created under $TOP/bin/go may be because that is the directory whose scripts create the JVM and hence is the logical choice. But there is no way to move these files to the logs directory using the features of PIM because the files are not created by PIM. You would need to find out which program is creating these files and then address it accordingly. It may make sense to contact your system administrator if you can't find the monitoring program creating these logs.