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Pinned topic i need some help mates on v7000 storage

‏2019-09-05T17:32:42Z | help need v7000

hi all i`m new to IBM community 

i have very tight situation i`m responsible on a data room contain an IBM storwize storage v7000 storage which had some critical issues and its data in a critical condition 

1- the 
GUI does not load at all to view raid status the only working gui is the rescue system gui 
2- one of my controllers failed and we are about to change it 
3- i guess we will need advanced raid reconstructions after changing the failed controller

i have no knowledge about the IBM SAN v7000 

so i`ll be greatfull if someone can recommend me a documentations or any courses or learning materials to be aware fof the steps to solve the problem 

i need to learn the following 

1- how to enable v7000 GUI from cli and restart the web service
2- how to update v7000 GUI from rescue cli - in case of gui firmware failure - i`ll upgrade the gui firmware hoping it will work
3- any documentation for the cli interface in the rescue system 

4- commands to rebuild raids and recover logical volume 

any suggested courses to have good knowledge of IBM SANs and the v7000 are welcomed 
i have to manage this v7000 for 6 months until the man responsible for this parts back to work 

thanks all and sorry for annoyance 


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    Re: i need some help mates on v7000 storage



    I think you need more then only answers on your questions. I suggest you open an IBM Support Ticket.

    For a read you can start with https://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg247938.pdf .  This is a Redbook book about implementing a V7000.

    After reading you know that you are not going to rebuild raidsets to recover logical volumes!

    To restart the web-service: With the CLI  satask restartservice -service tomcat