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In 1891, five years before Miami became a city, Flora McFarlane and the women of Coconut Grove formed the Housekeeper's club, now called the Woman's Club of Coconut Grove. It is the place where history and community meets.

As a woman homesteader and a teacher, Flora McFarlane was keenly aware of the isolation and loneliness of the pioneer women.  She invited women in the community to take part in weekly gatherings. Flora stated that her goal was "to bring together the housekeepers of our little settlement by spending two hours a week in companionship and study."

For the women of the Club, some of whom had as many as ten children, the two-hour sewing sessions provided not only a respite, but also a welcome opportunity for adult conversation and fellowship. Some of the women were well-traveled and educated. Others had little education, but possessed practical skills, common sense, and fortitude. By working together their pioneering spirit built a community. Their motto was "lend a hand.