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Pinned topic Validate backend resource without portal page refresh

‏2013-05-02T19:04:27Z | ibm jsr286 serveresource


I have some requirement in my portlet based project where I have to verify data in portlet layer with database without refreshing the complete portal page. As I know, JSR 286 spec already has serverResource life cycle method for handling ajax request directly with portlet (which was not there with JSR 168 spec). Along with this, 286 specification describes serveResource feature is used for access resources like images, file upload and statistical informations which will render on complete portal pages instead of portlet window.

Or we can use old Ajax call with servlet (as we use with JSR 168 for resource access). This way, I will verify my data from database without portal page refresh.

Please suggest me any better solution for this. If this is achieved by portal serve resource method, please describe me in detail how resourceResponse fits with portlet window.

Thanks in advance and appriciate for quick reply.