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Can any one help me how to find the difference between two versions of files in clearcase. please give the command 

did i want to use two different views for finding the difference between two versions ? please help me

  • Dave-Robinson
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    Re: Clearcase file difference


    If you know the version identifiers you do, for example

    cleartool diff  foo.c@@/main/boston/6  foo.c@@/main/sanfran/3

    consider using options "-serial" or "-graphical"

    also, you could do

    cleartool lsvtree -graphical foo.c

    and then using the GUI to compare versions

    You CAN use two different views, but it is usually not the easiest way.

    cleartool diff -serial /view/hisview/vobs/ourvob/foo.c  /view/herview/vobs/ourvob/foo.c