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Pinned topic Processing nmon for web viewing.

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I wanted to create a website individuals can go to that when they login they can see nmon charts (select by date) and be limited to the system associated with their login.

At first I thought ganglia would work, but users can see all or nothing there is no granularity.

So I looked again at the nmon tools available and I think if I used nmon2web to generate them and then have my web server funnel users into the proper place based on sign-on that would do it.


Is there a better way?

  • VesaSaarenpää
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    Re: Processing nmon for web viewing.

    ‏2013-10-16T08:42:54Z  in response to DemianPH

    14. (Edison's Law) "Better" is the enemy of "good".


    Thats a way to do it. I just use nmon2rrd with the same method.

    • BruceSpencer
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      Re: Processing nmon for web viewing.

      ‏2013-10-17T15:07:35Z  in response to VesaSaarenpää

      Here's a list of "Other" performance monitoring tools.


      For web access, the choices include nmon2rrd, nmon2web, lpar2rrd,  (There's a couple others on the above URL that might work, that I haven't seen.)

      The nmon2rrd is very good. However, a limitation is that is shows only one partition. 

      The nmon2web is similar to nmon2rrd, but includes aggregate charts of all partitions on the frame. It also includes an "nmon consolidator" function to do performance "what if's" for combining different partitions.

      The lpar2rrd is really good, but I understand it's CPU only.  No I/O. (someone correct me if I'm wrong).  


      Hope this helps.