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Pinned topic SNMP OID values on IBM x3650 Server

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Hi folks,

I've some IBM x3650 M2 and M3 servers (MS Server 2008 R2) which I would like to observe with WhatsUp Gold. The MIB files are already installed and I know the OIDs. When I'm exploring via SNMP MIB Walker those servers, unfortunately the values of all those OIDs are blank. Do I need some specific IBM software installed on my server to get those OID values (like RAID Status, Power Supply)?

I'm new to IBM servers, but HP servers need to have the HP Insight Management Agent installed to get OID values. Maybe it's similar with the IBM servers and I've missed to install something...

Thank you for your feedback!


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    Re: SNMP OID values on IBM x3650 Server


    I think you need one of the system director agents, platform or common agent. At least I installed the platform agent and can query the oids, but i cannot find any documentation about the system health oids! I just want to monitor the overall system health. If someone could point me to the correct OID and tell me the normal value for that oid, i will be happy!