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Pinned topic Have to EDIT the response coming from SOAP Request' node

‏2013-08-20T22:47:30Z | coming edit from node request' response soap the

I am using a 'SOAP Request' node to call webservice through datapower and I am getting the response which I am sending to 'soapExtract' node and I am getting the response as well which I can view in the output MQ node. 

My Question is :- 
1. The response has the SOAP msg response XML data and the HTTP header data as below :- (I want to remove this 'http data' from my output response so that I can only use the SOAP xml response for further manipualtion. I can use compute node to remove and read only the SOAPxml message but is there any other shortcut to remove this ) 
'HTTP/1.1 200 OK 
X-Backside-Transport: OK OK,OK OK 
Connection: Keep-Alive 
Transfer-Encoding: chunked 
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 21:36:49 GMT 
Server: IBM_HTTP_Server 
Content-Type: text/xml 
Content-Language: en-US 

<ns3:memberInfoResponse xmlns:ns4="http://......//" '

I need only the payload data i.e. <ns3:memberInfoResponse xmlns:ns4="http://......//" and have to discard the above 'HTTP data' .. Please let me know if there are any shortcut to remove or I have to use a compute node to remove it..