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‏2013-04-25T10:59:36Z | copy paste rse

The documentation in the Infocenter about copy & paste in RSE states "You can copy and paste files, objects, or members not only between libraries and objects on the IBM® iserver, but between different servers as well". Except I can't, that is unless I try via the IFS. However, expanding QSYS.LIB takes ages, even on the local machine, and produces a really unwieldy tree structure. Also, the copied member doesn't have a source type or a description and when the member is opened, there is a control character on the last line causing it to display the line in reverse image.

Is this really the only way to use copy & paste?

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    For a really neat way of copying source file members between machines (without using RSE), check out Bob Cozzi's Four Hundred Guru article in the latest on line edition of IT Jungle, which has appeared at just the right time for me.