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Pinned topic IBM2435I on ROUND(x,-3) by RULES(NOLAXSCALE)

‏2011-11-17T11:37:27Z |
We got the IBM2435I Message (Scale factor is less than 0) by Rounding with negative values.(PL/I V4R1 on z/OS)
But in the PL/I Documentation, rounding with negative values are documented (valid):
If n is zero or negative, rounding occurs at the (1-n)th digit to the left of the point.
so why do we get this (error) message ?
Yes, we can get the IBM2435I Message down to Warning, but then, this happens for all other Statements, where this message is reasonable.
Code Example: 
 SKY0165: PROC OPTIONS(MAIN);             
 DCL RESULT  FIXED DEC(18,06);            
 DCL TEST    FIXED DEC(18,06);            
 TEST = 12_345.678;                       
 RESULT = ROUND(TEST,-3);                 
 END SKY0165;                               
Thank you, Patrick 
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    Re: IBM2435I on ROUND(x,-3) by RULES(NOLAXSCALE)

     It's valid to have a negative position.
    Have you tried it without the RULES option?