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‏2014-01-11T00:33:22Z |

IBM Knowledge Center Open Beta is available! 

I'm very happy to announce the availability of our open IBM Knowledge Center Beta, live on (there is no need for a VPN connection!). 

You can access IBM Knowledge Center here:

The Beta will run until the end of February. 


Improving your technical content experience

IBM Knowledge Center is our new technology designed to bring IBM's technical publications together in a single location, and will replace our individual IBM Information Centers. 

For this release, we simplified the user experience, improved search, and refined the overall experience with many other enhancements. As always, you can get help on IBM Knowledge Center from the information icon in the upper right corner of the pane (also linked here):


Send us your feedback! 

After you've worked with IBM Knowledge Center, sign in with your IBM ID and take a few moments to complete the survey on IBM Knowledge Center located here:


Known Beta limitations

We are still:

  • Fine tuning IBM Knowledge Center, so you might experience some minor functional issues
  • Configuring and adding content to IBM Knowledge Center, so the content you see might not be exactly what you expect
  • Configuring and indexing content for search, so search results might not be exactly what you expect, or might not be in all the languages you expect


What we were thinking when we created IBM Knowledge Center

When you look at IBM Knowledge Center (, you get the feeling that this is how it should have been all along. Feels right. More intuitive. IBM Knowledge Center puts a plan and a structure to what we have. No one would have designed what we have now! It grew organically.

We know you care about more than one product, so having all the products in Knowledge Center is an improvement over product-centric information centers. Having everything in one spot makes it easier to find the topics that you are looking for.

We're putting your experience before the technical experience. It's a bit of an attitude change for IBM, an attitude that is more focused on how you need to get access to the product information as a whole, not just putting it out there in pieces, and leaving you to stitch the pieces together.

Knowledge Center is about making you smarter, giving you a personalized experience of your content.

We thought about what tasks people will have in mind when they come to IBM Knowledge Center. Who is coming here for what? What's the value from your perspective? For one thing, across the board, the value is not just knowledge, but getting to the knowledge faster, to get access to it more easily. It needs to be more inclusive.

If you are used to PDFs, you can still generate PDFs that contain just the information that you need, or you can just use the documentation online.

If you are used to information centers, IBM Knowledge Center might look unfamiliar at first, but after you select a product, it will look familiar again. We want to make the getting-started experience simple yet powerful. There are a few simple things to do first, to get oriented, like select your products, search with filters, create a sample collection. Once you get started, you'll begin to see how easy it is to find what you need, and to save what you want for future reference.