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‏2016-05-24T13:16:51Z |

Q What maintenance and support does the subscription cover?
A The subscription covers support coverage 24 hours per day x 7 days per week x 365 days per year, data backups and restores, monitoring and patching.

Q What if IBM Marketplace is unavailable? How will the customer's service be provided?
A The customer's service is hosted on IBM Cloud, not IBM Marketplace. This means the customer could get to an existing trial or their paid subscription, even if IBM Marketplace is unavailable.

Q For the services that include agent code, where would a client get the agent code and or updates?
A As a part of the registration process, try and buy customers will be presented with the download options.

Q How does a client receive support for their trial?

A We have created the IBM Asset Management Forum for the trial & subscribed users to both ask questions about the use and share their experiences with the technology; these forums are monitored by the support and development teams to assure timely answers to client questions.  We offer the Storage Insights Knowledge Center for service documentation, we also offer an email address, info@ibmserviceengage.com that is monitored M-F 8am - 5pm et. for best effort response and resolution to your questions.

Q The client requested a Trial, but did not finish their test. Can they have additional time for the trial?
A The trial for IBM Storage Insights Pro is available for 60 days. After that period the trial is suspended and kept for an additional 15 days. During this period, the client can still convert their trial to a purchased subscription, restoring all the definitions they created for the trial.

Q What if the client likes the trial and decides to buy? What will they need to do?
A IBM Marketplace, the client should click on Purchase for the desired offering. Sign in with their IBM ID (there is no need to register again); select what offering they want to purchase, quantity, subscription plan, payment option, read and accept the terms and conditions, enter billing information and confirm purchase. The client will receive a confirmation email and then further instructions on how to access service.

Q How does a client receive support for their purchased offerings?
A When the client receives the email to establish their service, IBM will include in the Welcome Kit an overview of the Support options available, which include the Storage Insights Forum, the Knowledge Center and access to our IBMCare Portal. IBMCare allows clients to create, share and review their service requests, on a chat-like conversational mode. IBM encourages the use of these technologies to engage support and know we reserve the telephone access for truly system down situations. The use of these technologies allows us to engage the most appropriate resource to resolve the client's question/concerns in a timely fashion.

Q What are the times when the services may be unavailable due to maintenance or upgrades?
A Our standard maintenance times are planned approximately every 2 weeks in a window from 10:00 PM Saturday through 4:00 AM Sunday, Eastern US Time. Planned feature updates occur about four times per year or once per quarter. You'll be notified of the specific dates and times for these updates seven days in advance so you know when new features and enhancements are being added to the service. To reduce the business impact of scheduled maintenance, the service is updated during non-business hours.


Q: Are there any online resources for learning more about the technical details of the service?
A: Yes, The IBM Knowledge Center for IBM Storage Insights is the one-stop shop for technical information about the service. In the knowledge center, you can learn how to get started and how to use, troubleshoot, and get help for the service. Information about how IBM Cloud helps keep your metadata secure is also available. For more details, click the following links:

To receive proactive notifications, please subscribe (under Following Actions) on the forum for your service to learn more about any specific maintenance windows. We attempt to provide proactive email notification to customers 7-10 days prior to the scheduled maintenance window.