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Pinned topic AWSEMI001T Insufficient Memory for 1090 to start AWSSTA050E Initialization of CPU failed, RC=-4

‏2014-02-19T09:27:20Z | rd&t


We have configured RD&T on two Linux servers. We have put 12G memory on startup profile.

Please find the prof1 first 4 lines below.

memory 12G
3270port 3270                 # port number for non-SNA (coax) 3270
processors 3

One systems starts properly but the other system fails with the below message.

Load parm: BK,  Devmap: /rdt/rdtv9/prof1,  Port: 3270
stopping previous instance
AWSSTP002E 1090 is not running
x3270: no process killed
awsstart /rdt/rdtv9/prof1 --clean

IBM System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT)
  Licensed Materials - Property of IBM  5799-ADE
  (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2007,2013   All Rights Reserved.

z1091, version 1-, build date - 05/24/13 for Linux on RedHat 64bit

AWSSTA014I Map file name specified: /rdt/rdtv9/prof1
AWSSTA090I All zPDT log files purged as requested
AWSSTA204I zPDT started in directory '/home/ibmsys1'.
AWSSTA146I Starting independent 1090 instance 'ibmsys1'
AWSEMI001T Insufficient Memory for 1090 to start.
AWSSTA050E Initialization of CPU failed, RC=-4
AWSSTA125I System shutdown in progress ...
AWSSTA143I Shutdown complete
AWSSTA140E Initialization failure

No completed startup message was found.
*** runzpdt terminated with errors. ***

Please find free -m output below

                            total       used        free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:              15951      11559       4392          0         13        427
-/+ buffers/cache:          11118       4833
Swap:                2015          0       2015


We tried changing 12G to 10G and 8G, faced the same issue, Insufficient memory.

If we change the prof1 memory from 12G to 6G, we are able to start the base system without DB2, IMS and CICS,etc.

When we start all the sub systems with 6G memory, our system starts and goes down in between. It shows the below message

AWSSTA081E Process ID 28532, component CPU, has terminated
AWSSTA086E ... system wide log out in progress
AWSSTA125I System shutdown in progress ...
eDMosaF0 terminating
eDMosaA0 terminating
AWSSTA141E System failure

We would like to use 12G in prof1 to start our RD&T.

Please let us know if more information required from our end. Please let us know what could be the problem and what's blocking on Linux side.







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