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Hi all,

I want to use the global mirror mode between two DS3500 storage systems. I don't want to buy the the whole ERM license (with the three modes : Metro Mirror , global mirror and global copy). Is it possible to buy just what i need?

  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: Global mirror


    This is what the IBM website tells you about remote mirror options: (It looks like its written before IP Replication was an option, so ignore the FC requirement part!)

    Remote Mirroring provides storage system-based data replication from one DS3500 system to another DS3500 system over Fibre Channel communications links. Remote Mirroring supports synchronous or asynchronous data transfers, enabling you to choose the replication method that best meets your protection, distance, or performance requirements. The 8Gb FC 4 Port Daughter Card is required for the Fibre Channel communications link and the Remote Mirroring feature(s) must be purchased on both the primary and remote machine.

    • Remote Mirroring: Base (4450): This feature enables the remote mirroring function with support for eight mirrors per system.
    • Remote Mirroring: Upgrade (4451): This feature increases the quantity of Remote Mirror pairs supported per system from eight to 16. Remote Mirroring: Base (4450) is a required corequisite.

    So to answer your question, no you cannot just buy sync or async. But you pay depending on number of mirrors you want to make.



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    Re: Global mirror



    Thank u for ur informations. How can i know how many mirrored pairs will i need eventually? Depending on what the number is determined?


    Thank u,