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Pinned topic Memory and CPU usage of RDz with File Manager

‏2013-05-03T13:35:29Z | cpu filemanager memory


After complains from our users about a very low performance on their systems, we discovered that the Eclipse process on their systems is very "CPU-hungry" when editing a message on an MQueue. Also the Memory used by this process is enormous. While editing a couple of  1MB long message, the memory usage increases by 4000 MB. I've been able to duplicate this on my own system, and put some info from 'Task Manager' in the attached picture.

A typical user system contains a dual-core Pentium IV, 2.8 GHz  with 3 GB RAM and Windows XP SP3. Normally, this is sufficient for any COBOL programmer using RD/z 8.0.3  Opening any Mqueue with a message-length above 16 KB is a disaster for users who have 2 GB RAM on  their systems.

Did anyone notice this increase in memory usage (4000 MB when opening two MQ messages with 1 MB length???

Konrad Vasterman