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Pinned topic Implementing mockAuthenticate for Business Glossary - how to

‏2013-05-24T15:57:10Z | bg bga business glossary ldap sign-on

I am providing this documentation in hopes this can help someone else avoid the frustration we experienced.

We wanted to implement mockAuthentication - but the directions we were provided were insufficient.  MockAuthentication allows you to create a single user with Business Glossary Basic User access - and then feed that userid/password into some server arguments so that no one else in your enterprise has to login to get access.  It also makes the access from Cognos (right click on term, select Glossary from drop-down) faster because it eliminates the login screen.  Administrators, of course, still need to go through the login screen so that the system can acknowledge that specific userid/rights.

We also understand this will assist with our goals to deploy Business Glossary Anywhere.  Currently, that process includes a config.ini file which has an unencrypted userid and password.  Distributing an unencrypted userid and password violates our Information Security policies.  Now that we have mockAuthentication working - we have been told that we can remove those lines from the config.ini file (or leave the values blank) and this will work.

Attached are the directions we followed.  We are on 8.7 in a Solaris environment.  I'm not the Sys Admin so can't answer any questions about these specific steps.  I am happy to answer any questions about why we wanted this, how we are using BG, etc!