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Which one would be best for use in a View, Locate, Position, or PosStr?

I have a field with three values in it separated by a space (i.e.  "aa bbbbb cccccccccc") and I need to list them as separate fields. 

The first field will be one OR two characters long.  The second field will be (should be) five character long, and the third could be the rest of the original field (in length).

I can probably get away with just knowing the position of the first blank space and do all my parsing from there (using SUBSTR).

I have seen in the reference manual that the LOCATE has one additional parameter for a starting position, but other than that distinction there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between the three BIFs (for my needs), or is there a difference that I'm may not be aware of?



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    Re: BIFs Locate Position PosStr


    I think that the performance of all 3 functions would be similar.   The functions did have some differences if you were dealing with double-byte characters, but I'm guessing that your column just contains traditional single-byte characters.