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Hello everyone,

I'm working in IBM Rational DOORS v9.6 and I currently have a module that has incoming links from the customer requirements.  I'll have to create several other modules for specific to my client's submittals all near identical, so I wanted to know if it would be possible to set up a template that already has the incoming links from the requirements module.  Is it possible to create this template and then copy and paste it so that the module retains all of the object headings, text, and incoming links?  If so, where are the links saved?  In the original link module?

Thank you in advance.

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    Re: IBM Rational DOORS - Copy module and links



    Please take a little time to read the DOORS manual (possibly on-line) and mainly according to link/linkset definition.
    After that you need easily found the mistake in your question.

    As summary:

    • the link are supported by the source module (where they are output) and not by the target one (where they are input).
    • About the second part of your question: yes you can create some module template, and yes this template can embedded linkset definition (definition of link between a predefine source module, and a predefine target module).
      Anyway this linkset definition is useless because you need customize it after module 'copy' to correct the information.

    Take time to look the documentation of the IRDRMFAO (DOORS Add-On), which yet tools-up the template management and custom, including some new way to duplicate/transfer link between modules.
    Otherwise you can decide to create your own Add-On with your own needs and adapted to your own work way.