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Good Morning
I have a problem and would like to exchange an idea with you.
I have a Egl application that accesses the Database Derby.
But .. when you access the Derby DB I get this error message attached.
Seems to me that this occurs when you have more than 1 User accessing the Derby Bank while.
We are making progress and have 9 people accessing the Derby Db while but only 1 can make acesso.Acho that is what makes the first access.
I think at least 5 users can access the Derby Db while.
Am I correct??
How can I increase this number of users accessing the Derby Db while??

  • canutri
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    Re: Access Db Derby


    I believe only one concurrent Derby db connection is allowed.


  • dan_darnell
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    Re: Access Db Derby


    If you use an embedded Derby database then you are only allowed one connection. If you run Derby as a service then you can have multiple connections.