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Pinned topic Storage problem when starting JVM

‏2013-06-24T13:30:48Z |

I am trying to start a JVM in CICS TS 5.1 - something I have not done for quite a while - in oder to test the
CA1Y sample for generating an email from CICS. When I get this message 
it's not clear where the extra storage is required - can you point me  
in the right direction - thanks        

I have a MEMLIMIT of 20G and an EDSALIM of 1200M


this is the ouput I get - I have ammended the DFHAXRO module to show the LE STATS:

CEE0814S Insufficient storage was available to extend the stack.
Options Report for Enclave CELQPIPI Mon Jun 24 12:11:57 2013
Language Environment V01 R13.00

LAST WHERE SET                 OPTION
Installation default             CEEDUMP(60,SYSOUT=*,FREE=END,SPIN=UNALLOC)
Installation default             DYNDUMP(*USERID,NODYNAMIC,TDUMP)
Installation default             ENVAR("")
Installation default             FILETAG(NOAUTOCVT,NOAUTOTAG)
Installation default             HEAPCHK(OFF,1,0,0,0,1024,0,1024,0)
Invocation command               HEAPPOOLS(ALIGN,8,10,32,10,128,10,256,10,1024,10,2048,10,0,10,0,10,0,10,0,10,0,10,0,10)
Invocation command               HEAPPOOLS64(ALIGN,8,4000,32,2000,128,700,256,350,1024,100,2048,50,3072,50,4096,50,8192,
Invocation command               HEAP64(200M,4M,KEEP,4194304,524288,KEEP,10240,10240,KEEP)
Installation default             INFOMSGFILTER(OFF,,,,)
Installation default             IOHEAP64(1M,1M,FREE,12288,8192,FREE,4096,4096,FREE)
Invocation command               LIBHEAP64(33M,33M,FREE,16384,8192,FREE,8192,4096,FREE)
Installation default             NATLANG(ENU)
Invocation command               POSIX(ON)

Installation default             PROFILE(OFF,"")
Invocation command               RPTOPTS(ON)
Invocation command               RPTSTG(ON)
Invocation command               STACK64(20M,20M,64M)
Installation default             STORAGE(NONE,NONE,NONE,)
Invocation command               TERMTHDACT(DUMP,,96)
Installation default           NOTEST(ALL,"*","PROMPT","INSPPREF")
Invocation command               THREADSTACK64(OFF,20M,20M,256M)
Installation default             TRACE(OFF,4096,DUMP,LE=0)
Invocation command               TRAP(ON,NOSPIE)

Storage Report for Enclave CELQPIPI Mon Jun 24 12:11:57 2013
Language Environment V01 R13.00

STACK64 statistics:
Initial size:                                                20M
Increment size:                                              20M
Maximum used by all concurrent threads:                       1M
Largest used by any thread:                                   1M
Number of increments allocated:                               0
64bit User HEAP statistics:
PF 1=HELP               2=SPLIT              3=END                4=RETURN             5=IFIND              6=BOOK

  • Adam Coulthard
    Adam Coulthard
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    Re: Storage problem when starting JVM

    ‏2013-06-24T14:16:43Z  in response to DavidHarvey

    Hi David,

    I would not expect that the DFHAXRO module would need to be changed with this error.  Within your JVMProfile its whether checking the java initial and maximum heap sizes that are set.  With the default profiles supplied with CICS TS 5.1 they are set as:


    Each of these means:

    -Xms    Initial Java heap size, for example -Xms64M               
    -Xmx    Maximum Java heap size, for example -Xmx512M              
    -Xmso   Initial stack size for native threads

    It would be worth checking that -Xmx is set to a suitable size.

    Hope that helps


    Adam Coulthard

  • IvanHargreaves
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    Re: Storage problem when starting JVM

    ‏2013-06-25T09:13:06Z  in response to DavidHarvey

    I think it's also possible that your above the bar storage is limited.

    Try the USS command  "ulimit -a" to see how much above the bar storage you actually have available. If it's less than the amount the JVM wants you'll hit that error message.

    (It's possible the amount has been restricted by someone setting "ulimit -M <amount>")

  • DavidHarvey
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    Re: Storage problem when starting JVM

    ‏2013-06-26T08:09:39Z  in response to DavidHarvey

    Thanks for your help. I have got past the storage issue now. Looks like the relevant change was in the DFHAXOR module. I put in these entries and it worked when I retried:

    DC    C'STACK64(200M,100M,800M) '
    DC    C'THREADSTACK64(ON,20M,20M,256M) '

    the supplied module has 'DC    C'STACK64(1M,1M,32M) '

    although the supplied module does not have a specification for THREADSTACK64,

    the installation default is 'THREADSTACK64(OFF,1M,1M,128M)'

    you see the installation default by uncommenting these two lines in the module and new copying:

    DC    C'RPTO(ON) '            Report LE Options
    DC    C'RPTS(ON) '            Report LE Storage

    The output from this appears in the log associated with the CICS region in a dataset with a name of the format 'SYS00012' where 00012 can be any number.

    So may not need values as large as these for STACK64 and THREADSTACK64, but these do work.