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Naveed Anjum Sadiq
Naveed Anjum Sadiq
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Pinned topic Adding QFlow to QRadar SIEM

‏2016-03-11T12:58:41Z | host managed qflow qradar ssh


Here in a deployment we are trying to add Qflow as per the following plan:

  • QRadar SIEM 31XX has 4 Network Interfaces
    • eth0 - used for management with IP with gateway
    • eth1 - used for log collection with IP without gateway
    • eth2 - used for log collection with IP without gateway
    • eth3 - directly connected with QFlow collector using IP
  • IP Address of QFlow collector is
  • I added a static route for eth3 and now able to connect with QFlow using SSH from Qradar and vice versa

Now when trying to add QFlow by "Add Managed Host" I get following errors after step 10.

  • [add_host] [main] com.q1labs.configservices.common.ConfigServicesException: Failed to read output from ssh connection on host
  • SSH connection or SSH command execution failed. The ip of the host is:

Any help regarding this also please confirm:

Is it necessary to use the management IP of console in order to communicate with QFlow, or we can use dedicated cable via some other interface.