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Pinned topic 3 params(idleTimeLimitSec idle_process_check_interval_ms idle_process_max_idle_ticks)

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I am not sure how do these parameters defined in reportservice.xml/batchreportservice.xml work.  Please check

If idleTimeLimitSec is 900 seconds/15 mins, So the BIBusTKServerMain will be killed if it is not used for 15 mins.
But when idle_process_check_interval_ms is 30000 ms /0.5 min and idle_process_max_idle_ticks is 10, according to this, the BIBusTKServerMain will be killed if it is not used for 0.5min*10=5mins. This is inconsistent with idleTimeLimitSec. But they are the default value. Please advise.


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    Re: 3 params(idleTimeLimitSec idle_process_check_interval_ms idle_process_max_idle_ticks)

    ‏2013-05-03T12:30:01Z  in response to RickyRu

    The most logical approach would be to see how long an idle non pre-started Bibus process lives in your Environment.  That timing would help you determine which of the settings have priority over the other ones.

    Also, it is not recommended to edit any of these files unless under the direction of IBM Cognos Support or Development.