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After a custom page has been created in Jazz, is there way to change the Page Layout after the page has been created?

Example of page layouts:

You can create dashboards with any of the following layouts:

  • Proportional

    With proportion layout, widgets can be positioned anywhere to create a non-scrolling dashboard. Proportional layout supports overlaying widgets. Widgets proportionally resize based on the resolution of the screen being used.

  • Freeform

    With freeform layout, widgets can be positioned anywhere on a dashboard, including over another widget. Freeform dashboards scroll horizontally or vertically, depending on the size of screen being used.

  • Fluid

    With fluid layout, widgets reorder their position on the dashboard depending on the type of screen being used. This layout type supports vertical scrolling only, that is, when a screen is narrow widgets are displayed vertically. This layout type is the most flexible layout in relation to mobile device screens, for example, tablets and smart phone screens. Fluid layout does not support the overlaying of widgets.

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    Currently it is not possible to change the Page Layout once it is created/saved. You can change a lot of other Page properties like name, location, visibility, security etc though.