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Pinned topic DB2 Express Install Problems on Win7-64 bit

‏2013-11-13T14:06:35Z |

I'm new to DB2.  Installed DB2 Express C (64 bit) on a laptop with Windows 7 Pro (64 bit).  The installation went smoothly with no errors.  I then ran validation which failed with the following:

    -------- Instance validation for "DB2" starts --------
    Task   2 : Validating the default instance setting
    Status 2 : Success

    Task   3 : Validating SYSADM authority
    Status 3 : Failure

    DBI1338E  The validation of instance DB2 failed. Reason code=5.

The log gives some suggestions, though some are clearly not relevant (check /etc/services permissions - applies to Linux).

Not sure how to proceed here.  Any recommendations?