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Pinned topic Accessing FileNet ECM Application(ICN) through internet

‏2013-04-16T10:14:42Z | accessing icn internet. through
Content Navigator 2.0.1 with FileNet Content Manager 

We want to access Content Navigator through Internet. So, We have thought of following 3 approaches to achieve the same:
Giving Public IP to Server 1 and keeping Server 2 in internal network where ICN is hosted.

Using Web Server with HTTP Proxy.                                    
In which WAS server is in the internal Firewall and link through a Web Server using LAN. Web Server has external Firewall through which external client can access. PFA Architecture for this approach.

Using Network Address Translation(NAT).
Please let us know the feasibility of the 3 approaches as listed above and which one would be the recommended approach from IBM. 

Also, let us know if there could be another approach to achieve the same.

Operating System: Windows (Microsoft)                                   

We are deploying following components of FileNet as per the below       
architecture at the customer side                                       
Server 1:                                                               
IBM WebSphere Application Server                               
FileNet Content manager 5.1 ----- WAS Profile 1                         
FileNet Navigator 2.0.1-------------- WAS Profile 1                     
FileNet WorkplaceXT WAS Profile 2                        
IBM Content Analytics 3.0                                               
Server 2:                                                               
BPM 5.1                                                                 
DB2 9.7.5                                                               
SQL Server 2008                                                         
ICC 3.0                                                                 
Cognos RTM 10.1                                                         
Also, we will be using existing Microsoft AD and integrating with       
existing Lotus Domino.All the existing servers are in internal network. 

Thanks & Regards
Ankush Jain
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    Re: Accessing FileNet ECM Application(ICN) through internet


    There isn't a recommended approach because this is entirely up to a given organization.  Which approach you'd choose typically is based on what technologies you have available, what your security requirements are, and how you typically deploy other applications.