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Zoning can be enforced in two ways: soft and hard. Is it recommended to have both kind of zones in a fabric ?

If not why?

If i have unused zones in the fabric, is it going to affect ?

  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: Zoning


    Soft zoning is "obsolete". No fiber channel switches today uses it without hard zoning as well. Soft zoning is basicly security by obscurity.

    Wikipedia describes it pretty well in the "Soft and hard zoning" paragraph:


    Unused zones can affect stuff, if they contain ports instead of WWNs. So it is always a good idea to clean up the configuration. Even with WWN based zoning, an old zone could affect something if you one day decide to reuse an old HBA that was zoned for something.



  • Rouffa
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    Re: Zoning


    Soft zone actually seems better especially if you plan to extend a fabric

    I work on some 2109 IBM director with 256 ports and identifying port number on them is a little hard

    It's better to plug cable anywhere in a fabric ...

    So my advise is to use soft zoning changing from hard to soft is easy avoid mixing hw and sw alias in same zone..