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Pinned topic [ICN 2.0.1] - Change ICN root folder in P8 repository

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is there a way to change the default root folder for a Filenet P8 repository, a bit like you can do with a CM repository?

I haven't found a way to change it from within the administrative desktop, so I tried writing a RequestFilterPlugin to intercept the "openFolder" action and replace the default root folder Id with the folder I wanted to become my custom root folder.

This, however, implied changing the folder id request parameter inside the parameter map, and I have been able to do it successfully on Websphere Application Server, but not on Oracle Weblogic, so it is not a viable solution.

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    Re: [ICN 2.0.1] - Change ICN root folder in P8 repository


    Why would you want to do this in the browse mode?  The short answer is to use teamspaces.  A teamspace creates a unique root folder for each teamspace and is obviously only shared with the team.