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Pinned topic Skip onPreRenderFunction when Custom validation failed

‏2013-04-28T23:10:34Z |


We are using below configuration

1) EGL tooling and version - RBD v8.0.1.3, EGL
2) Target environment - Solaris, WAS v, DB2 on AS400
3) Application type - JSF 1.2
4) Generation language - Java

My question is: I have added a custom JSF validator in my application and when validation fails the JSF life cycle advance to RENDER RESPONSE phase that is correct. But I want to skip the onPreRenderFunction of JSFHandler when this validation fails. Is there any way I can skip onPreRenderFunction to execute.

As we have more than 1000 screen in our application i need some framework level solution, something we can write in one place like CustomPhaseListener.

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