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Pinned topic Deploying Agent via Exchange Policy

‏2013-05-08T10:20:12Z |

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about how to automatically deploy mdm agents to devices. Instead of installing agents manually on each device and explaining users why there has to be a new tool that will control their device, I would rather think of something like the agent comes with an exchange policy und is installed during the process of binding the device to the policy.

Is a deployment possible or can it be realized using this approach? 


Thanks and regards, Phillip

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    Re: Deploying Agent via Exchange Policy

    ‏2013-05-15T00:22:07Z  in response to Phillip@tiri

    Hi Phillip,

    There unfortunately isn't any way to deploy an app for Android or iOS through Exchange policies... Apple/Google require the user specifically install/enroll the app manually... Although you can do it the other way around where you can automatically provision the Exchange email profile once they are managed.