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Pinned topic Web Application Server Configuration verification fail

‏2013-10-30T18:40:14Z |


This is new ICC Server v3.0 setup.

When I issue the following link to verify the setup of the configuration web service:

I got this error msg:


XML Parsing Error: syntax error
Line Number 1, Column 1:AFU_NO_MATCH


But this url to check the configuration of the web application that accesses archived data return successfully.

Any clue why this fail?


The reason I am going through these verification steps is because after the document in Sharepoint is archived into FileNet repository,  I can't retrieve the document from the Sharepoint UI.  I can see the document in the FileNet library via ACCE.  The post processing rule is to replace the document in Sharepoint with a Link. When I click on the Link, I get an "404" error message.