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Pinned topic Installing SUA 2.2 & SCM 1.4 on the same system

‏2013-09-27T11:11:10Z | sca sua tema


We are in a dilemma. We always have touted Bigfix to be a single server that scales. However, when it comes to installing the Bigfix applications - SUA and SCM on the same server, we have doubts.

Both use TEMA. When SUA 2.2 is already installed and you try and run SCA or SCM it throws an error saying TEMA already installed and exits the install.

Is there any workaround to get both these Applications run on the same server alongwith TEM



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    Re: Installing SUA 2.2 & SCM 1.4 on the same system



    Right now this is not supported scenario.

    I think it's on the roadmap for one of future releases, but as it's always with roadmaps, it is subject to change.