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Pinned topic WebSEAL to return "www-authenticate: Negotiate:Kerberos"

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my customer is deploying a new TAM (6.1.1) and Desktop SSO solution using Kerberos tickets. They would like to configure WebSEAL to return "www-authenticate: Negotiate:Kerberos"  instead of  "www-authenticate:Negotiate" in the HTTP Error 401 answers. With that they intend that the user is presented the customer's login form instead of the basic authentication one when the user has no valid Kerberos ticket.

Do you know how to do it?

Thanks in advance


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    Re: WebSEAL to return "www-authenticate: Negotiate:Kerberos"


    I don't know of a TAM / WebSEAL answer to this.  Someone might be able to assist.

    However, if your environment has an IHS, you may consider using the mod_headers module.  Or, if there's an F5 in front of the WebSEAL(s), F5 also has the capability to modify the header.

    Hope this helps.