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Pinned topic C:D 4.6 and Control Center 5.0.04 compatability

‏2013-12-12T18:42:32Z |


We recently upgraded our C:D instance to 4.6, but it seems to have broken the connection with Control Center (v5.0.04). 

The error we're getting is:

Wed Dec 04 13:24:15 MST 2013
CCTR074E Connection with server established.
Wed Dec 04 13:24:19 MST 2013
CCTR035E Failed to connect to server.  Check for invalid userid/password, improper authority for userid, unsupported level of server or no license slot available to monitor the server. 

I know the license model has changed with the new version of C:D, but is there a way to monitor a C:D server that's running v4.6 from a 5.0.04 Control Center instance? 


  • VolkerFriedrich
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    Re: C:D 4.6 and Control Center 5.0.04 compatability

    ‏2013-12-13T13:32:50Z  in response to juriggs

    Control Center 5.0.0.x is an old release that went out of support on 07-Oct-2011. You may want to consider an upgrade to a later version that explicitely does support C:D Windows 4.6.

    Did you try re-entering the user credentials for the C:D node in Control Center? You could also try deleting and then re-adding the node in Control Center.


    Have a look at the C:D node's statistics for any logon errors, such as LCOA014I, or any other evidence that Control Center attempted a connection. If you are not seeing any messages, then Control Center is likely unable to reach your C:D node.

    I assume you already verified that the user credentials are good for connecting to the C:D node. You can verify that from a C:D Requester or the C:D Browser UI.

    BTW, the part of the CCTR035E message saying "no license slot available" refers to the Control Center license and not to C:D Windows. A Control Center license key can limit the number of nodes you can monitor.

    • juriggs
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      Re: C:D 4.6 and Control Center 5.0.04 compatability

      ‏2014-03-03T19:31:43Z  in response to VolkerFriedrich

      Thanks VolkerFriedrich... we did end up having to upgrade in the end. Even when we upgraded we had to change the name of the node in Control Center; otherwise it created all kinds of problems with the database. We're up and running now, though, so all is good...