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Pinned topic Cleartool failed in Cygwin script when WinXP to Win7

‏2014-07-18T13:59:55Z | cleartool cygwin windows7

For years I've been using bash shell scripts under Cygwin to call cleartool.exe to check files out of and into our base ClearCase views.  But when I switched from WindowsXP to Windows7 and from Cygwin32 to Cygwin64, I could check out, but not in.  Checking in failed with an error message like this:

FATAL: Clearcase cannot obtain a unique identification for V:\VIEW\VOB\Directory\File.cpp.
Cannot make or update associations.  To recover, try to cancel checkout of the file (saving your changes with the keep or save option); check the file out again; restore your changes; and check the file in again.

Caller: C:/Program Files (x86)/IBM/RationalSDLC/clearcase\lib/CQCC/ Line: 462
cleartool: Warning: Trigger "cq_ci_trigger" has refused to let checkin proceed.
cleartool: Error: Unable to check in "File.cpp".

That script was calling a "cleartool dump" command which was returning "Access is denied." then tried to use that string as a valid response which resulted in the uncorrelated error message.  (I was properly setting CQCC_AUTO_ASSOCIATE to a valid SCR activity, as I always have.)

The cause?  I had a Cygwin symlink named "cleartool.exe" in my ~/bin directory (in the PATH variable) which points to the real cleartool.exe executable.  This didn't cause a problem on WinXP.  But it did on Win7 and once I deleted my symlink, I was able to checkin again.  Problem solved.

I just wanted to pass this along, since Cygwin is so very valuable when you have to use Windows, but there's so little Rational support.