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Currently we are using IBM MDM PIM V 10 FP # 3. And wants to upgrade the fixpack to FP # 6.

Can we directly install FP # 6 on top of FP # 3 ?

Or Do we need to install FP # 4 and 5 prior to FP # 6 installation?

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    Re: Fixpack 6 installation


    MDMCE 10.0.0 goes from v 10.0.0FP3, 10.0.0FP4, 10.0.0FP5 to 10.1.0 FP1 because the code streams of 10.x have been merged. v-10.1.0 goes from 10.1.0 GA, 10.1.0FP1, to 10.1.0 FP6. Here's the tech note announcing the merger: But on principle, if it had been 10.0.0 FP3 and you wanted to go to 10.0.0 FP6, then you wouldn't need FP4 and FP5, you could have migrated directly to FP6 from any fox pack. Release notes would have pointed you to any additional considerations.

    There are two parts to any MDMCE upgrade i.e. upgrading the instance and upgrading the database. You can simply install the latest version of an instance and it will work correctly. But the complication is with the database upgrade (new tables, indexes, modification on data structures etc) and the script that upgrade the database are bundled incrementally. The most effective way to decide an upgrade strategy such that it is successful is via the release notes.

    Detailed instruction on how to upgrade from v-10 any FP to v-10.1.0 FP6 are provided in the following link: