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Pinned topic Download of CICS Explorer JWS fails

‏2013-05-23T20:48:10Z |

We are  using CICS Explorer JAVA WEB Start  and there is one  of user that is  getting errors when tries  to download it.

The environment is Windows  XP and is using  JAVA 1.6, and it's for CICS Esploer V5.1.

I'm attaching a file with errors.

Maybe you can give me an idea what is causing the the download ti fail




  • SteveBolton
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    Re: Download of CICS Explorer JWS fails


    Hi Marco

    The important error line appears to be "Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream".  It may be that the jar file is corrupted - can you open it with an archive utility?

    Is this for only one user or for any user? If it happens for all users then there is a problem with the preparation of the jar file, otherwise I would look at what differs in the individual user's environment from someone who can use it.  Web started Java programs run under the default jre on the machine. 

    Your user has Java 1.6 but the requirements for CICS Explorer 5.1 is Java 1.7 as detailed at on the system requirements tab.

    We don't support web start itself.  My last comment on the developerworks article has some links where you might find information to help you solve the problem.

    Let us know how you get on, thank you.